• TextAE is developed based on standard HTML5 + CSS3.
  • Microsoft IE does NOT well support standard HTML5 + CSS3.
  • TextAE will work fine with FireFox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge.

An “embeddable” editor for text annotation

<div class="textae-editor" style="width:300px; background-color:lavender; position:relative; top:-70px; left:300px">
    "text":"Hello World!",
{ "text":"Hello World!", "denotations":[ {"span":{"begin":0,"end":5},"obj":"Greet"}, {"span":{"begin":6,"end":11},"obj":"Object"} ] }

Open source

  • TextAE is developed as an open source project.
  • Released under the MIT License.

Unicode support

  • It supports any language which is supported by UTF8.
    (However, we could test the feature only with a limited number of languages. If you find a problem with your language, pleast let us know, so that we can fix it.)

Zero installation

  • You can create or edit various types of annotation.
    • named entity annotation
    • relation annotation
    • syntactic annotations

a default viewer/editor of PubAnnotation

  • TextAE is developed as a default viewer/editor of PubAnnotation.

REST client

  • TextAE works as a REST client, which means
    • it can get an annotation file from the net, and
    • it can post an annotation file to the net.