About TextAE

TextAE …

  • stands for Text Annotation Editor,
  • is a visual annotation editor,
  • is written using Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3,
  • works in a web browser, e.g., Chrome, FireFox, and Safari,
  • is implemented as a REST client,
  • can be embedded in a HTML document.
  • is an open source project.
  • is developed as a default viewer/editor of PubAnnotation.
  • is developed by DBCLS.
  • is funded by NBDC.


  • Jin-Dong Kim (DBCLS) : Project Leader
  • Yue Wang (DBCLS) : Software Test, Documentation
  • Shigeru Nakajima (Luxiar) : Software Engineer
  • Nakashima Masahiro (You Works) : Software Engineer