The annotation being edited through a TextAE instance can be inspected by specifying the inspect parameter for a TextAE instance.

The example below, the inspect parameter of a TextAE instance is specified, and a div element whose id the same as the value of the inspect parameter is created:

<div class="textae-editor" mode="edit" inspect="annotation">
		"text":"Hello World!",
<div id="annotation"></div>

The div element then contains the annotation maintained by the TextAE instance, which is updated whenever a change is made to the annotation.

The div element coded above will be rendered as below:

{ "text":"Hello World!", "denotations":[ {"span":{"begin":0,"end":5},"obj":"Greet"}, {"span":{"begin":6,"end":11},"obj":"Object"} ] }

You are suggested to use the developer tool of you browser to inspect the div element whose id is annotation while you are editing the annotation.