Browser-based visual editor

  • TextAE works in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, or any other web browser which confroms HTML5.

No installation is required

  • You can use TextAE immediately without any installation process.

REST client

  • TextAE works as a REST client, which means
    • it can get an annotation file from the net, and
    • it can post an annotation file to the net.


  • TextAE can be embedded in any HTML documents.
    • TextAE is embedded as a div element whose class is textae-editor.
    • TextAE div can be styled freely using standard CSS.

Fully-featured GUI editor

  • You can create or edit various types of annotation.
    • named entity annotation
    • relation annotation
    • syntactic annotations

Unicode support

  • It supports any language which is supported by UTF8.

a default viewer/editor of PubAnnotation

  • TextAE is developed as a default viewer/editor of PubAnnotation